Of all the great things I have done in my life, I know, FATHERING IS MY SUPERPOWER!

Have you ever felt that out of everything you’ve ever done in life, that one “thing” just stands out better than the rest. Do you notice the feeling in you, of the “thing” you’re best at doing? Fathering is that one thing for me, I feel fatherhood was gifted to me for a very specific reason!

Gentlemen, fathering might be your super power too, it just might be!

Let me leave you with something, As cliche as it is, it’s fact! Even the greatest gifts, have greater responsibilities. I feel like Spider-man’s grandpa or something here!

When I look at my super power I compare it to “the greats” I’ve seen and admired. I must remind myself, the most talented whoever it is, must give a greater effort, they must practice, and they must perfect their craft to stay at the top of their game or maintain their God given gift!

I had to ask myself! Why would it be any different with fathering/fatherhood? It isn’t!!! It takes the same, if not more of a mastery approach.

#AwesomeFathers and father figures, what are we doing week in and week out to make sure we’re maintaining our fatherly superpowers!?

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