Pajama Party & Play Time!

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Every now and again we have to show our children we still have an inner kid inside of us. I like to show my children the crazy side of dad. “The human side of Dad!”

Dad you are human! So humanize yourself! Allow your children to see the fun, loving, energetic, creative side of you. It will in turn spark the fun, loving, energetic, and creative side in them!

It’s important to create these moments…

LinBackerDAD has just the thing for you!

1. Have a night in, break out the onesie pajamas, all of the families snack favorites, a bowl full of popcorn, some pop, and a great family movie. Enjoy a night full of laughter and fun.


2. Pajama Party Game Night (My Favorite!)
Break out the onesie pajamas and all of the old school classic games. Uno, Battle ship, connect four, Checkers, etc. engage in family play and tournament style friendly competition. This opportunity will surely be a night to remember. (Low on the dough? Break out the X’s & O’s!!!)

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