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10 Tips To Awaken The Best Father You Can Be

1. Know who you are…
This is about your integrity, who are you when your kids, and no one else is watching?
Integrity, what does it mean to you?

Fathers and Father Figures, “YOU GET TO!” (A reflection of your mindset)

My wife made a statement to me one day when she was in a bit of a funk, she was feeling a certain way about day to day life, parenting, and all together “adulting” pretty much! We talked it out a bit, well, she talked, I listened… During our conversation she began to re-frame her [Continue Reading]

My 5, To Mental / Health Wellness & Caring for Ourselves

I began writing this after a DAD-SCUSSIONS session on Mental / Health Wellness and Caring for Yourself. I found there were some things that I needed to revisit regarding my own mental & health wellness. I’ll preface by saying I am a man of structure, discipline and regimen, even I need this topic! Every man [Continue Reading]


Of all the great things I have done in my life, I know, FATHERING IS MY SUPERPOWER! Have you ever felt that out of everything you’ve ever done in life, that one “thing” just stands out better than the rest. Do you notice the feeling in you, of the “thing” you’re best at doing? Fathering [Continue Reading]


Full cup of Integrity 1 part Structure 2 parts Discipline Whole dose of Respect 1/2 cup of Intellect 1/2 cup Perseverance 1/2 cup Grit 3/4 cup Character And a pinch of Faith… I’ve spent a lot of time with my children over the last 5 months as covid-19 has physically removed me from my work. [Continue Reading]

A Father’s Journey…

My mind crept into a daydream about my sons playing football after I had a conversation with my brother the other day. We were discussing how our sons take the initiative to do push ups and other workouts on their own. I then began to think about football season and the journey of preparing for [Continue Reading]

Pajama Party & Play Time!

Watch this video, then read below… Every now and again we have to show our children we still have an inner kid inside of us. I like to show my children the crazy side of dad. “The human side of Dad!” Dad you are human! So humanize yourself! Allow your children to see the fun, [Continue Reading]

One thing EVERY father has, and should use…

READ UNTIL THE END… I was with my family at my aunt’s house. She lived in a pretty nice area. She had an amazing back yard with a man made pond. The pond had koi fish and water turtles, with tiny tadpoles that you could see zooming from side to side. To a child the [Continue Reading]