Who Am I

Joe Smith (LineBackerDad) is a man that wears many hats! As a man of faith, I recognize the opportunity to show grace and humility with everyone I come in contact with.

In 2009 Linebacker Dad was awarded Father of The Year, recognized by an agency in Sacramento, CA, and the state of California. It was at that moment that I recognized I was not befitting of the honor, I was far from the“Father of the Year,” I was awarded to be. In that moment, I was ashamed to accept the recognition. It was then that I made a vow to myself. I made the choice, not to let another moment pass, without being the best father I could be.

As a professional, I am dedicated to equipping individuals and organizations with tools for empowerment and achievement. I tirelessly strive to meet the needs of all clients, parents, and students. I have a long history serving the educational community, serving schools, and districts, in cities across the nation, in many capacities. I speak at many educational institutions and school districts, promoting father engagement, literacy, character development, expanded learning, professional development, equity, and closing the achievement gap.

I measure my success on integrity, family values and the scale of productivity, and positive change I create in the community. I am a proud husband to Jasmin, and father of five, to Jehlani, Javay, Joe Jr., Jordan and Jada

I vow my life’s work to my family and ensuring access and equity for my community.

More About LinebackerDad

I was asked, “Why LineBackerDad?”

For years I was put in a box of being a jock. I was labeled early in my young adult life as just another football player. Time after time, I was put in this box as if it was the only thing I was capable of doing. Initially, and not knowing any better, I subconsciously accepted what I thought was my fate, a lifelong football jock. Later in life I began to reject the stereotype and learned to find balance in who I was, and the man I wanted to be.

As a linebacker I was a leader, gritty, tenacious, boisterous, passionate, unwavering, protective, selfless, and loyal to my squad. I now bring that same approach to fathering. I have learned to balance these traits for the greater good, and I remain every bit of the crazy, high risk, willing to fail forward, passionate, and selfless father, as I was a linebacker, thus LINEBACKERDAD

Choosing to be a great father is the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.” – LineBackerDad


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