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I have long served the educational community, serving schools and districts in cities across the nation in many capacities. I speak at many educational institutions and school districts, promoting father engagement, literacy, character, expanded learning and closing the achievement gap.

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Joe Smith LinebackerDad

"I enjoyed this, it was an opportunity for the kids, the school, and me, to get on one accord. What was most exciting was when ya’ll called us up to do the group activity for the dads, we got to dance and stuff and it was real amusing for the children."

Participating Father

"He is an amazing speaker! He is the perfect person, for this school!"

Loudon Elementary Educator

"This morning as I engaged FB, the first post I saw was from a former BHS student athlete who'd been invited to your program at Loudon School by his younger brother. Our BHS student is one year out of HS, struggled to graduate but DID, played football for us and was one of my favorite students. His brother invited him to come to see Linebacker Dad and have doughnuts. What a smile his post brought to my face. Just the pure joy and love it imparted. Thank you for doing what you do. So many times there is little opportunity for one on one contact and commitment to a child. This child clearly thinks his brother is the most wonderful human in his life. I appreciate your efforts on behalf of children. In particular I appreciate your effort on the behalf of our former student as well."

Susan Chaidez
Kern High school District

"“It was amazing! We had more fathers & father figures than we’ve ever had on our campus at the same time! The kids were excited, the dads were excited. It was an awesome opportunity for our dads to connect with our staff, with their children, and just to be present on campus!”"

Stephanie Haycock
Assistant Principal

"“I am so grateful for today! It was better than I could have imagined. It touched my parents, it made a difference for them, and I am so thankful!”” "

Sharon Dunn

""I've never seen this place so packed!""

Participating Father

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